Tran-X Limited-Slip Differential for 7" Ford


Tran-X Limited-Slip Differential for 7" Caterham
1.029,35 € incl. 19 % VAT
865,00 € excl. VAT
Tran-X Limited-Slip Differential for 7" Caterham (including installation)
1.379,21 € incl. 19 % VAT
1.159,00 € excl. VAT
Driveshaft lobro flanges (not necessary for Caterham applications)
534,31 € incl. 19 % VAT
449,00 € excl. VAT
Remove and install differential in the Caterham S3/SV
589,05 € incl. 19 % VAT
495,00 € excl. VAT
Remove and install differential in the Caterham CSR
772,31 € incl. 19 % VAT
649,00 € excl. VAT

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Tran-X is a trademark of Quaife.

Our first choice in racing and on the road. We have had countless customers and team racing drivers that competed in and won countless national and international races with this type of limited-slip differential.

Tran-X produces a classic lamellar lock for maximum traction, along with well-designed thrust rings for improved versatility. This design allows the lock to be modified according to individual specifications.

The ramp angles and the plate pack can be freely adjusted. As can be expected, we provide this differential with the same configuration which we have successfully implemented for years in circuit racing, the Nordschleife and on the road. No matter the tyres or weather conditions, the Tran-X limited-slip differential with our configuration is the best choice in terms of price vs. performance.

As a special feature, we deliver the lock in a ramp angle setting that opens and releases again on pulling (throttle take-off). This provides optimum protection against unwanted spinning, especially on the road or in wet conditions. This adjustment also eliminates another major disadvantage of limited-slip differentials, which is when the differential locks "backwards" and allows for dangerous situations to arise.

Changing the traction is also an option when tuning and designing a lock. However, maximum traction should never lead to the car being pushed over the front wheels. This invokes "understeer" in the lower speed range, and is the result of a too-rigid axle connection and incorrect design of the lock. In the high-speed range, this often leads to uncontrolled "oversteering" when pushing the limit.

Although the principle design of these limited-slip differentials may be prone to wear, this is hardly the case when concerning Caterham applications. However, the use of the correct oil is crucial to ensure this durabitlity. 

Naturally, we are also the right contact for replacing any worn parts or performing complete overhauls with original Tran-X parts.

You can send us your differential and we'll install the locking unit for you.
We replace the shoulder bearings (on each drive shaft side) and the axial shaft sealing rings.

We also offer a complete overhaul service including replacement of the bevel gear bearings and seals for older differentials (price available upon request).

This differential lock is only available for FORD 7" differentials. All Caterham with 7" differential always have the version with plugged drive shafts. Various replicas use the 7" differentials with inserted shafts. If you supply us with drive flanges, they must have the same length and an intact retaining ring for us to be able to provide this Tran-X lock. Otherwise, the appropriate drive flanges must be purchased from Quaife.