Racing Shell- Passenger Seat for Track Days

MOG Composite
748,51 € incl. 19 % VAT
629,00 € excl. VAT

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Our passenger racing shell seat was developed to meet the need to ride on trackdays with both a passenger-side cover and a passenger seat.

With this special seat without headrest, there is no need to install and remove the seat if you want to install our passenger cover. This allows you to take advantage of the favourable aerodynamics through having passenger cover, without having to lose the convenience of being able take a passenger after a few easy steps.

Please note that using this seat requires a separate headrest to avoid exposing the passenger to unnecessary risk, which can easily be inserted or screwed to the rear firewall or on the roll bar.

This seat is simply bolted to the base plate or to the Caterham seat rails.

Our carbon fibre parts are always supplied in a 2x2 weave (twill) similar to the standard Caterham desig, which also happens to be our most frequently ordered variant. However, we can also produce the seat with the finer fabric 1x1 (linen) or in carbon fibre/Kevlar upon request.

The back in carbon fiber / Kevlar (as shown) delivers a beautiful racing look.