LITE↯BLOX GEN 4 high-performance lightweight batteries


LITE↯BLOX LB13XX GEN4 for all Caterham models
795,00 € incl. 19 % VAT
668,07 € excl. VAT
LITE↯BLOX LB19XX GEN4 / - highly suggested for paddleshift systems
1.095,00 € incl. 19 % VAT
920,17 € excl. VAT
LITE↯BLOX LB100I battery charger
159,00 € incl. 19 % VAT
133,61 € excl. VAT

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The innovative LITE↯BLOX battery comes in a thermally & mechanically decoupled CFRP housing with integrated mounting plate and intelligent power electronics (active circuit breaker), and is controllable via smartphone or tablet app.

  • Saves 8+ kg in comparison to standard Caterham batteries
  • Plug’n’play installation
  • wireless-interface for status diagnosis via Smartphone App
  • Maintenance-free thanks to intelligent electronics with active protection against misuse & overload: Over- / undervoltage, over- / undercurrent, over- / undertemperature & short circuiting
  • made in Germany
  • Innovative power electronics for disconnection via Smartphone App in two modes:

1.) I.K.O.S. – Intelligent Kill-Off-Switch:
complete disconnection of LITE↯BLOX from the vehicle in case of overload or via smartphone (alternative to the Isolating Switch for longer periods of non-use)

2.) A.V.A.T. – Active Vehicle Anti Theft (aktive Diebstahlsicherung):
all electrical consumers are still supplied with power when stationary, but as soon as unauthorized starting occurs, the LITE↯BLOX permanently disconnects the power supply.

  • Implements the newest premium cell technologies (A123 ANR26650M1B V3)
  • Minimal loading imes for optimal Start-Stop
  • Marginal Self-discharge when not in use (service life >200 days)
  • Maximum safety through premium components
  • Proven in professional motorsport and FIA tested
  • DMSB homologated (Lithium Ion battery RLB2016-27/17)
  • Developed & handmade in Germany

Technical Data:

  • Dimensions: 149 x 123 x 100mm (L x W x H)
  • Volatage: 13,2V / 15,2V (nom / max)
  • Operating temperature: -20 bis +80°C
  • Life expectancy: 3 to 5 times that of a standard automotive battery*
  • Connection: plug’n’play via standard battery terminal posts(DIN) or Ring cable lugs (M6)
  • Ceritifcation: This products conforms to guidelines 2001/95/EG 2011/65/EU 2006/66/EG
  • Shipping contents : LITE↯BLOX + terminal pole  caps + mounting equipment  + promotion + instructions


  • Weight: 13XXg** (excl. terminals)
  • Capability: 7,5Ah / 23Ah (nom / Pb-eq)
  • Discharge current: 360A / 450A* (10s / 1s Puls @RT)


  • Weight: 19XXg** (exkl. Polterminals)
  • Capability: 12,5Ah / 38Ah (nom / Pb-eq)
  • Discharge current: 600A / 750A* (10s / 1s Puls @RT)